Three Generations

Always a honor and a privilege to be a part of three generations sharing the day afield together. For those of you who that is still a possibility, we highly recommend taking advantage of it! 

Over 12 years now this group has been coming to Sioux River Wildlife

We had a great group from Florida last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Sioux River Wildlife. They have been coming for the last 12 yrs and have become more like family than clients. It is groups like this that makes us love what we do! 

15th Annual Sportsmen Wheelin’ Hunt

We hosted the Wheeling Sportsman event once again at Sioux River Wildlife yesterday. This event is sponsored by the NWTF, GFP and PVA. We ended up with 20 hunters and 70 birds. We had a great day afield where everybody stayed safe and a very memorable day was had by all. The sight of so many smiles never seems to get old. On behalf of SRW we would like to give a special thanks to the sponsors and all the volunteers that make events like this happen, it would not be possible without you.

Click here to view coverage of this event on KDLT News.

11th Annual South Dakota Freedom Hunt

It was another great day on Saturday at Sioux River Wildlife where we hosted the 2018 South Dakota Freedom hunt. This is our 11th consecutive year to host this very rewarding event. We had 16 hunters and ended up with 51 birds. We had a great turn out with no incidents and a safe and great time was had by all. On behalf of Sioux River wildlife and myself I would like to give a special thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers that make this happen, it would not be possible without you. God bless you all! 

A Family Hunt

Had a great family group of nine in for the South Dakota pheasant opener..always a privilege to be a part of such a great tradition..they had a celebration of life for their family matriarch and a celebration of marriage last night and then topped it off with what sounds like will be an annual hunt today…how awesome is that! For many of them it was their first time to SD and first time hunting pheasants…it’s groups and days like today that makes us happy, happy, happy, to do what we do.

Our 9th Annual Youth Hunt

We hosted the 2017 youth hunt today for the 9th yr in a row. We had 12 first time hunters fresh out of hunt safety coarse. We ended up with 14 birds total. More importantly 6 out of the 8 kids were able to harvest their first bird and be knighted into the South Dakota pheasant hunter club (pictured below with owner Tad Jacobs doing the knighting). Everybody did a great job and listened with eyes wide open. A safe and fun hunt was had by all. Once again the weather missed us and provided us a window of opportunity to enjoy a gorgeous day afield. The first memories are always the best memories!

Youth Hunt 2016

We hosted the youth hunt for the 10th year at Sioux River Wildlife today.. We had 16 hunters and ended up splitting them in 2 groups …they ended up with 13 birds total and many lessons learned ..After 15 yrs years of doing the youth hunts, they will always remain my favorite hunt of the yr… I feel blessed to be a part of so many first memories of hunting for these kids…especially their first Pheasant shot… I love being able to teach these kids n help pass on this great American tradition we call hunting …I was also honored to be able to knight 5 kids as South Dakota pheasant hunters with the taking of their first bird… I have said before when we are dead n gone it is our memory that lives on is these memories that make me a wealthy soul –Words from our guide, Robbie Thompson.

Wildlife Cooperator of the Year

It is great to see Tad Jacobs getting recognition for being such a great steward of the land and giving back so most of u know SRW has hosted the youth hunts and SD freedom hunts for the last 9 yrs. We also have hosted the NWTF wheeling sportsman event the last 2 years. For these efforts He was nominated n selected by the South Dakota Conservation Officers Association as the 2014 Wildlife Cooperator of the year. What a great honor and a well deserved award. It is truly a privilege to work for such an extraordinary man. He gives back so much to our outdoor passion and helps pass on the American tradition..Thank you Sir n God bless!

2015 Youth Hunt

Another great day at Sioux River wildlife hosting the 2015 youth hunt…. We had 7 hunters n got 12 birds with everybody getting at least 1…This is our 8th year doing this n it is always my favorite hunt of the year…seeing the smiles is priceless


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Wheeling Sportsman Rooster Roundup

Had a great day at Sioux River Wildlife hosting the Wheeling Sportsman Rooster Roundup sponsored by the National Wildlife Turkey Federation. Read more